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Application Place and Material
Veneer Wall: Applicable to decoration and renovation in homes, hotels, meeting rooms, offices, shopping malls, and entertainment places.
Optimum large-size boards are recommended.
Installation Method
I. Light-gauge Steel Joist Frame
1. Snapline loft;
2. Fixing the ceiling and ground keels on the floor and top floor slab respectively with shoot nails or setscrews.
3. Arranging the vertical keels according to design requirements (generally 612mm) and then installing transverse support keels.
Ⅱ. Board Packaging Fixation
1. Cutting boards into required sizes (about 10mm shorter than the height of walls).
2. Fixing the board on the keel with tapping screws in the form of fissure of displacement with the space between tapping screws of 200mm-250mm and submergence of the board of 0.5mm.
3. Reserving an expansion gap of 4mm between boards.
4. Fixing the board from the center to the periphery when packaging the board, avoiding operating the board on multiple spots simultaneously, and avoiding generating inner stress to warp the board;
5. Before packaging and fixation of the board, embedding glass wool or rock wool into the keel frame cavity to strengthen the effects of sound insulation and fire prevention according to requirements.
Notes: For unaccomplished matters, see the collection of the general description of construction.

  Installation methods 1. We draw the in stallation guideline to define the fixing position, the center is 1200mm.
2. Use the hook fitting to link and fix the boom and key keel, keep the key keel horizontal.
3. Use the caliper to vertically fix the sub keel on key keel, the center distance of the sub keel is 612mm.
4. To install the horizontal keels as per the request, its center distance is 1224mm.
5. Use the tapping screw fix the board on the sub-keel and do the treatment of the seam connection.
  1. Boob
2. UC type keel hang fitting
3. UC type keel calipers
4. C type keel hook fitting
5. U type keel hook fitting
6. Key keel
7. Sub keel
8. Horizontal keel
        Attention The system made by light weight steel keel and our board can be divided into two kinds. One is only consider of its self-weight and light app aratus without other loading. The other considers the loading of the repairing staff, usually from 80kgs to 100kgs. for detail install methods please refer to our installation booklet.
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